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The Beginnings

Award Board, the ideal centre piece for a football themed bedroom, began when Dad, Richard James couldn't find anywhere to put the latest additions to his son's collection of football trophies. They began to stockpile on the mantelpiece becoming lost behind other ornaments and gathering dust. Standard themed bedroom accessories simply did not 'work' with the football theme bedroom decor.


Family Business

Beginning as a family business, Award Board was set up by Richard James in 2004. Initially each Award Board was handmade.

Streamed production process

Originally produced in small quantities high demand soon required a more modern and mechanised production line.

The Award Board is now part of a professional manufacturing and distribution channel and receives interest worldwide.    

"Sam played competitive football from an early age, and the medals and trophies of his achievements meant a great deal to him and the family....... but we were soon running out of space to display his trophies, cups and medals. We had looked at all sorts of football themed bedroom accessories and considered many types of football theme bedroom decor, but nothing was quite right." - Richard James, Creator of the Award Board.

From this 'predicament', the idea for the Award Board was born - providing flexible display shelving for his son's collection of trophys, cups and medals. A great bonus to all parents is that because of its timeless generic design, this new product amongst all the football themed bedroom accessories will blend perfectly with any new or existing football theme bedroom decor.