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Easy to assemble - 100's of shelf combinations   

The Award Board is a circular shelving unit for sports trophies. It comes in a number of designs to compliment many different disciplines. A particularly useful feature is the flexible arrangement in which the trophy shelves can be fixed to the face of the board in order to accommodate almost any shape and size of sports trophies. The back of the Board features a grid of holes which allows you to individually design where you want to fix the shelves and pegs, to best display your collection of sports trophies.

When you have decided where to position the shelves and pegs, these are easily fixed to the board with self-tapping screws, which are inserted from the rear of the board.

To affix the shelving and pegs all you need is a cross head screwdriver. You choose where to affix the accessories and then simply screw them into place.


The Award Board is manufactured from HIPS, a recyclable thermoplastic polymer, which is both lightweight and incredibly durable. Slamming of doors or vibrations from strong wind will not remove the Award Board from the wall.

The weight of the whole package that you will receive is approximately 5kg.

Versatile - bedroom shelving

The Award Board can also be used as a children's shelving unit. You can place your child's books, DVDs, CDs and Play Station games onto the larger shelves to help keep bedrooms tidy. Parents have used the shelving unit to encourage children to keep their belongings off the bedroom floor!


In your Award Board pack you will receive the following:

For details how to order more shelves please email sales@awardboard.co.uk


The Award Board is big enough to display a collection of trophies. The following measurements demonstrate the size of the Award Board and accessories.

Award Board 966mm diameter by 19mm

Small shelf 90mm x 80mm x 12mm

Medium shelf 370 mm x 143mm x 22mm

Large shelf 818mm x 143 x 22m