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Sally's story - "fantastic concept for football trophies"

Sally, 38, bought a football Award Board for her son, Matthew. Matthew was really proud of the football trophies he had won when playing for his local football club. He wanted to display these so visitors could see his achievements.

"What a fantastic concept for football trophies, Matthew gets to display his football trophies proudly on the wall, and my lounge remains minimalist and football trophy free! All of Matthew's friends love the football trophy Award Board and other parents have asked me where they can get one!"

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Emma's story - "incredibly easy to put up"

Emma, 32, bought an Award Board for her daughter, Georgia. Although Georgia is only five years old, she has been swimming and dancing since she was 2 ½ .

"Georgia is incredibly proud of her dance and swimming medals , and she loves to have them in her bedroom so she can show all our friends and guests! As Georgia hasn't got a lot of medals we use the other shelves to put her books, cd's and dvd's on."

"The Award Board is incredibly easy to put up, it basically arrives as one piece and you simply screw the shelves in position, which even I could manage!"

Andy's story - "absolutely perfect "

Andy, 33, bought a football Award Board for Duncan, his football mad son. Duncan has been going to watch his local heroes, Bolton Wanderers for over a year and for his birthday, Andy redecorated Duncan's room in a football theme with Bolton Wanderers featured wallpaper, bedspread and curtains.

"I was looking for ages for football themed display shelving or some form of childrens storage unit ....... and even contemplated building my own. I came across the Award Board purely by chance on the Internet. It is absolutely perfect for Duncan's football medals. It is lightweight and he can even choose where he wants his shelves positioning. He has two Award Boards on opposite walls and has filled them both, not just with football medals andfootball trophies, but also books, PlayStation games and match programmes!"

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